Creating Beautiful Spaces for Gracious Living

I was recently asked a thought provoking question by a fellow entrepreneur and content creator. 

She asked - How can creating beautiful spaces help us live graciously?

Here are my thoughts...being gracious and being happy and comfortable does not mean you need to be wealthy. It simply means to appreciate and take care of what you have.

So how does having a beautiful, cozy and organized home play into gracious living? Most of us experience plenty of stress from our jobs, finances and other areas of our lives. When we come home, we want to feel safe and get away from life's demands and the outside world.

Does your home provide a safe haven for you and your family or is it causing additional stress and overwhelm, due to clutter, being poorly decorated or disorganized? 

If it is causing stress and overwhelm, here are a few simple ways you can start creating a more relaxed and calming home. The best part is you can start doing them TODAY!

  • Declutter Your Home. Clutter tends to weigh you down both physically and emotionally, there’s always the nagging feeling of needing to get everything under control. Start with just one room! There’s no better feeling than clearing out a room and getting rid of things you don’t use, need or love.
  • Have a Regular Schedule for Handling Home Tasks. When you have a regular schedule for handling home tasks, and don’t get distracted by everything around you, you will start seeing a great improvement in your ability to focus. This will allow you to pay more attention to the task at hand and be in the moment.  
  • Personalize Your Space with Décor that Reflects Your Style. What really makes a house a home are the things you choose to fill it with; the pictures you hang on the wall, the sentimental items displayed on bookshelves and the cozy touches you add around your home. Organized and nicely decorated spaces give you the opportunity to sit back and enjoy your home and your family time!
  • Bring Nature Indoors with Plants and Flowers. Plants and flowers help to purify the air and create a more refreshing atmosphere. The natural colors and textures of plants and flowers can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. They can also help absorb sound, making your space feel more peaceful and serene.

It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of daily life, but taking the time to create a beautiful and organized home can have a profound impact on your ability to live graciously. By implementing simple changes to your home like decluttering, having a regular schedule for home tasks, personalizing your space with décor and bringing nature indoors, you can create a more peaceful and calming home.

Will you be trying these? If so I would love to hear how they worked for you.

I am here if you are needing some help with your home and would love to work with you! You can check out my Home Decorating Services on my website - J.U. Designs and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 

- Jennifer Underwood | J.U. Designs

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